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Jazz and Blues

You are on the site of a web magazine that is dedicated to jazz, blues, and other related musical genres. The Blues music genre would be at the origin of jazz, R & B, and rock’n’roll among others. This musical genre is popular all over the world but especially in the United States. This is because Jazz and Blues originally started out in the South of the United States.

Free Jazz

An improvised style of jazz characterized by the absence of set chord patterns or time patterns.

Smooth Jazz

A genre of music that grew out of jazz and is influenced by rhythm and blues, funk, and etc.

Latin Jazz

A genre of jazz with Latin American rhythms. Although musicians continually expand its parameters.

Cool Jazz

It is characterized by relaxed tempos and lighter tone, in contrast to the fast and complex bebop style.

Soul Jazz

A development of jazz incorporating strong influences from blues, soul, gospel and rhythm.

Vocal Jazz

Where the singer can match the instruments in their stylistic approach to the lyrics.


As the name of our website suggests, we deal mainly with the news of jazz. Nevertheless, we are extremely open to all the music that is born from the genre of jazz to all the music that goes off the beaten track, to all the arts-related directly or indirectly to jazz, to all the most hybrid discoveries, to all musicians who like sound cocktails. In short, we are actively seeking to find the jazz of the future.

Where is our magazine distributed?

Our jazz publication is a magazine with national dissemination dedicated to jazz and other related music. Since its foundation, it has taken care of the treatment of music as art and cultural expression, both in live performances and in the recordings. And it also does reviews and other kinds of relevant content for jazz music in general.

What are the goals of the publication?

One of the foremost goals of this music publication is the creation of an editorial, photographic, videography, and any other material related to the jazz. This project, initially based on the private collection donated by generous individuals to the Foundation, it would culminate with the creation of a media library that will become a center of reference and consultation for researchers, professionals and the public in general.

We also call for scholarships and grants for the training of musicians and the support for carrying out research and musical studies with a special dedication to jazz musicians and researchers, encouraging exchange with other countries to promote their promotion outside our borders.

We entertain our readers with professional competence and topicality on all things that are related to the art world of jazz.

The international jazz scene is considered as well as the local jazz scene. Special attention is paid to the musical sub-genres of jazz as well. Our staff and editors are jazz professionals, musicologists, and musicians. We would like to convey to you the high standards that we have set for ourselves over the many years through our expertise and up-to-dateness through our website.

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We also do jazz album reviews. If there are any new albums that are released, we will write an honest and full review of it. The kinds of music albums that we usually cover are jazz related, but there are also a ton of other musical sub-genres that we cover as well. These kinds of albums can include everything from R&B to Blues music, depending on whether or not they are related to the jazz music genre. So you can check out some of our jazz album reviews through our site.

If you would also like to know about jazz concerts in your local area, then we have got that kind of info too. You can check out a schedule of the latest jazz concerts that are just about to happen. Our writers and journalists also attend these live jazz concerts too. And they also write reviews about those live jazz performances. You can get a good sense of which jazz artists are worth listening to if you check out the concert reviews that we publish regularly on our site.

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